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Musical Modular Origami

Every piece is unique and made from recycled sheet music!
Prices listed at each type's page, based on time and size.
Ornament stringing pricing depends on model and feasibility.
Various size options available!
Made to order, may take up to a week for completion.
Requests for specific pieces [of sheet music] will cost extra.
Meet up/Pick up is free, contact me about shipping.

These are all created as part of a conservation effort to reduce waste of sheet music. I had observed hundreds of pages of music being thrown out per week in my music school's library, often after very brief use for various music classes - and I decided to upcycle the material to continue its life as a form of art. I cut hundreds of pieces and fold them into Modular Origami works, and many of them are on display in the Presser Music Library or in my teaching studios.

Modular Origami is a form of origami that uses many identical pieces that fit together to create elaborate, geometric structures.

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