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What does this mean?

Solutions Engineer, Systems Architect, Structural Organizer, Instructional Designer, Project Manager, Root Cause Analyst... one essential package: Problem Solver.

Skills: Cross-Disciplinary

I use every field I encounter to my advantage in every other, always applying the wide variety of perspectives I've gathered over the years to quickly learn new things and produce well-informed results.

Each tab in this section shows a slice of my experience that contributes to my high efficiency of creation and contribution through a less orthodox path into tech.

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Experience: Concrete


[ JAN 2022 – MAR 2023 ]


  • After two days of employment, my understanding of the CRM grew from "zero" to "helping the instructor answer colleagues' questions of essential functionality"

  • Documented critical + complex workflow for granting employee access to appropriate permissions on CRM system for future administrators on personal initiative

  • Led troubleshooting team through transition period of migrating service sales department to new CRM systems, often called into other requests for help

  • Consistently the preferred technician of the team by all regions of service sales due to clear explanations and empowering the reps to solve and even understand their technological issues, enabling several of them to help others in turn


  • Created new documentation clarifying and solidifying the access request process flow.

  • Requirements Engineering for Access Automation design, projected to save over $1mil per year

  • Trained and managed complex data migration team.

  • Contracts management in SAP.

  • Cleanup and restructuring of existing data for new purpose.

CS Migration to CPQ CRM and Hypercare (Transition Assistance Programs)

  • Lead Supporting Level 1 Technician of Hypercare Program, supporting sales reps transition to new CRM during FY2023 Q1-Q2, including troubleshooting, issue escalation, bug reporting, and data alignment using ServiceNow.

  • Facilitated and supplemented training for Hypercare teammates.

  • Coordinated daily troubleshooting triage calls with business partners and process owners.

  • Compiled and communicated weekly reports to convey trending issues and success stats.

  • Received several awards for exceptional performance within the year.

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