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Piano Tutoring

Are you already in lessons or class piano as a music major,

but seek additional help?

Or need another ear for your audition?

For note-reading, I guide finding shortcuts for music reading.

[Gotta send me picture of the scores for me to help with this!]
For technique, I focus on efficient, relaxed movement,

ensuring sound quality, control, and ease.

For audition material, I'll give you touch-up advice for performance.

[I cannot offer confident help with improvisation or leadsheet -

I mean I can try if you want.]

Prices are suggested contributions. Just get in touch if you need help.



Minor playing issue or quick question?



Lost, confused, or overwhelmed?
I can guide you through any issues!
Sessions are 15-20 min.

Tutoring Plus


Currently taking lessons, but need 30 min supplemental lessons or guided practice sessions?

* must be a current uni/college student/applicant

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