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This website is essentially a compilation of various designs I'll implement in my web design work - as well as conveys who I am professionally and personally in precisely the way I personally prefer, with a very wide variety of presentations idealized to each element. My work has varied wildly based on the commission I was given and as a result, I have a wide variety of experience and abilities.

My availability of time is very limited. Contact me if you are interested in commissioning my services.

experience / abilities

My most useful ability is to quickly learn new systems,

but I will also list what I'm specifically experienced with:



  • Webs

  • Weebly

  • GoDaddy

  • Wordpress


  • Google Sites

  • HostGator


  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • smidgens of PHP

  • UI Design

  • Plug-Ins

  • SEO Optimization

  • eCommerce


This website is my personal expression and professional portfolio rolled into one, as well as my exploration of the Wix platform. - Main Line Music Teachers Association [Weebly]

Designed from scratch for accessibility and clarity. Organized content, enabled features such as blog and members-only content. - Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association [Wordpress]

Cleaned up pre-existing GoDaddy design for user-friendliness and appearance. Tackled several technical issues with code. Updated systems for stability.

MTNA@WCU - MTNA Collegiate Chapter

[google sites - old version]

[RAMConnect platform]

Designed for quick information and recruitment. [HostGator] - Designer and Webmaster

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