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Climbing the Mountain

of Performance

Preparation - Physical

Whether you are performing for yourself or an audience of 1,000, the music you create will shine with highest quality and greatest ease when you understand and use proper technique. Good technique saves energy, increases control, and will manifest with beautiful sound. Like climbing a mountain, having the correct tools at hand is of utmost importance for success.

Preparation - Psychological

Mind over matter. I've spent years of research into the psychology of performance, implementing various methods of preparation for handling stage fright from both mental and musical fronts. It's important to understand how the mind and body stores and recalls music, as well as how it handles pressure in different environments.

The Stage

The stage is not a mountain you climb only once - and there's many types of climbing you have to practice to get there. I offer opportunities for students to participate in piano festivals, exams, competitions, and performance throughout the year to build up themselves in musical ability, performance, perseverance, concentration, confidence.

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