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WHY should you take piano lessons?

Music is not just art!

It is culture, physics, mathematics, entertainment,

psychology, discipline, skill - and joy.

I am a classically trained pianist and Nationally Certified piano teacher based in Chester Springs, PA,
and teaching students internationally online.

I offer a higher level of classical music training geared towards properly developing musical ability, understanding, and appreciation. My teaching style is fueled by a logical, analytical, and intuitive approach that emphasizes comprehension and independence.

A student will learn to achieve the intrinsic beauty of music and its role as the ultimate artistic expression of the human experience. Aside to this, many studies show that piano lessons have extraordinary psychological and physical benefits for all ages, more than other extracurricular activities and hobbies. [sources]

Every student has a unique learning style, so I adapt my approach to every one.

Since I began teaching piano in 2013, I have had the privilege to watch my students develop not only as musicians, but as individuals as well. I send most of my students to participate in piano exams and festivals multiple times per year, where they consistently demonstrate the finest results at every event. I take great pride in the work they've accomplished and the music they play.


Why Piano Lessons?

What's involved in piano lessons?


Music does not exist until it is performed - either to oneself or an audience of a thousand. Performance involves technique, presentation, expression, rhythm, the entire body, and an understanding of the piano itself.

Music Theory

From the very beginning, I instill an understanding of the structural and logical pieces with which music is constructed and connected. An independent recognition and understanding of patterns in music reading enables a student to play anything they pick up.

Music History

In my endeavor to provide a rich education in piano lessons, I include music history to provide context to how music developed the way it did and why. When they begin playing classical themes, they will learn about composers and where the music comes from.

What's Involved
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